Selective Indifference

Another provision of our Constitution that is hanging on even now because of our love of killing things is getting set to be debated by the Supreme Court during the upcoming session when they look at the Constitutionality of Washington DC’s  gun control law. Whenever talk of limiting someone’s access to guns comes up, the crazies are sure to come out of the woodwork. This morning’s Argus has a letter from one of these individuals.

My solution to this debate is simple. Let’s all join the South Dakota State Militia and urge all American citizens to join their state militias. All states, I believe, have one. This action not only would stop the current debate on the amendment but also would leave those lawmakers who support gun control looking kind of silly. Because if we all are members of our resident state’s militia, we all can bear arms not only to protect ourselves but our country.

Speaking of looking silly, knowingly or not this guy just volunteered to go to Iraq or Afghanistan (as part of the SD National Guard which could be considered a current day militia) just so he can legally own an assault rifle which serves no purpose other than to kill people. Maybe the Bush Administration has just found a new recruiting tactic for the military? Predictably, he goes on to give his unwavering support for our Constitution comparing it to, you guessed it, the Bible.

I don’t always support our government, but I do and always will support our U.S. Constitution. To me it’s the most important document – second only to the Holy Bible. And I, as most Americans, am willing to die for it.

The issue of gun ownership isn’t something that is divided by party lines especially in a rural state like South Dakota where it could almost be considered a second religion, so my question is why are these folks so adamant about the perceived right to bear arms but yet have no problem when our government takes away other Constitutional rights? Did I miss this guy’s letter condemning the recent FISA legislation that would authorize warrantless spying on Americans and amnesty for those companies that have already spied on us? How about the CIA’s destruction of video taped interrogations and the approved use of torture by our government? Habeas corpus anyone? Apparently it’s only certain parts of the Constitution many of these folks care about or are willing to die for.

As is often the case when gun control is mentioned, the idea of being able to shoot Bambi with an AK47 seems to take precedence over any real Constitutional issues facing this country in the mind of the “pry my gun from my cold dead hands” crowd. It’s all about one’s priorities.

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