Real Clear Politics On The Johnson Seat

Real Clear Politics at one time believed that Tim Johnson’s Senate seat was in play because of his health problems. Unfortunately for the Republican’s, the only candidate of note they seem to be able to muster to challenge him is Joel Dykstra.

South Dakota, where Sen. Tim Johnson is still recovering from a stroke, should be a good opportunity for Republicans. So far, though, they have only managed to recruit a State Representative who hauled in just $37,000 in the third quarter, nowhere close to Johnson’s $2 million account. Because of his health troubles, Johnson had been a retirement threat. But he announced his re-election bid in mid-October, and with an underfunded challenger, he will likely sail to another six year term in 2008.

Will Governor Mikey ever have a better chance for higher office? Time is slowly running out for him to find out.

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