The Blogosphere: The No Spin Zone This Ain't

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It is always entertaining to take an important political story and compare how each wing of the spectrum sees fit to spin it. The latest story to hit the spin zone deals with the just released NIE report that states that the latest evil empire on the Bush Administration’s hit list isn’t quite as evil as once thought. Of course this totally contradicts the same report from 2005 which deemed that Iran was evil and must be dealt with to which Bush and Co. had already set the wheels in motion to do just that.

Now to preface this, I have no idea how accurate this report is and given the history of our intelligence agencies lately, the only people that probably do know for sure are high up in the Iranian government but that doesn’t stop both sides from putting their own particular fingerprints on to what this report means. The left of course believes that this vindicates their calls all along that Bush and Co. will lie, have lied, and will continue to lie in order to carry out their agenda.

Sounds like the United States intel community, regardless of what it thinks of Iran’s current rulers, would rather trust them than Dick Cheney or the rest of the PNAC Platoon.

And the right, not to be outdone, has their own ideas on the accuracy of this report as well.

In other words they don’t know (and that can be said with high confidence now) if Iran has their weapons program ongoing now or not – even if Iran claims they do! It looks like some decided to push their views over those of others and stage a media event.

The same righty quoted above apparently isn’t someone willing to pass up a good conspiracy theory when they can manufacture one either. He even sees a connection between the unfavorable to his position NIE report and the spy who wasn’t really a spy even after she was outed as a spy, Valerie Plame.

I have listed a lot of coincidental and circumstantial evidence in this post folks. I feel compelled to warn everyone when I see links to this NIE and Valerie Plame!

Talk about a leap of Grand Canyon proportions! What did our parents do for entertainment before the internet and blogs came into being?

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