Daschle Responds To Rove Dementia

Bush Puppeteer Karl Rove all but blamed Tom Daschle the other day for forcing Bush to go to war in Iraq. Yesterday Daschle responds with “the Rest of the Story” (h/t Paul Harvey).

Well, I was called last week a couple of times and I literally thought it was a joke. I thought somebody was trying to pull my leg. I can’t believe that anybody would make such an outrageous statement and I was interested in that several of the former Bush high level people have now disputed it as well. But, he’s saying it and I guess he’s trying to sell some books.

He goes on to again try to refresh Rove’s memory on what really happened.

I reminded the President that his father waited until after the election for the 1991 war. It was a wise thing to do and allowed him to build consensus around the world and de-politicize it here at home. I turned to him and said that he ought to do the same thing. I wish you’d consider that. He looked at the Vice President. They smirked a little bit and then looked at me and said. “Can’t do that.”

Think Progress has more including the audio.

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