What Happens When Separation Isn't Allowed

Cross posted over at KELO Blogs.

People often wonder what the big deal is and ask why some get nervous when people attempt to allow religious symbols in governmental offices or legislate policies based on religion in our society. Many of the faithful think that the tenants of their beliefs are good so why wouldn’t it be good public policy to make it the law of the land. Just ask Christians in Iraq how that is working for them.

Before someone gets all huffy, yes I realize that it isn’t the current government, puppet regime that it is, that’s behind the cleansing in the country but one should ask why even with the horrible dictatorship that existed before we invaded, Christians were able to live and practice their faith out in the open and now they are either dead or in hiding. If that example doesn’t work for you, why don’t you ask the British school teacher in Sudan who named a Teddy Bear Mohamed at the urging of her students and is now in jail and worried about her life and let’s not forget to ask the millions of women that live in relative servitude or worse because of their beliefs how that’s working for them.

So why am I going on about this now? Other than the horrible story on “60 Minutes” last night that documented another in the countless number of atrocities that have occurred because of our oil war, a story is now making the rounds that has GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney feeling the need to address his faith to placate the far right wing of his party. Romney’s poll numbers are floundering and one time also ran and Baptist minister Mike Huckabee’s stock is rising mainly because of his strong support from Christian conservatives.

48 years ago no one believed a Catholic could win the White House and today many think a Mormon can’t either. Kennedy proved them wrong in 1960 and now Romney is being forced to try and do the same in 2008. My question is, even after all these years, why does he have to?

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