GOP Bloggers Rejoice Pt. 2

I posted earlier on how the right is going ga ga over the fact that the Argus finally printed a review by Brent Lerseth of Daschle Vs. Thune: Anatomy of a High-Plains Senate Race by South Dakota Thune blogger Jon Lauck. Some are acting as if the blogosphere accomplished the impossible and literally forced the editors to relent and review a book that pretty much throws the paper under the bus.

congrats to the conservative bloggers. they really forced the hand of the Argus on this one and it drives the liberals crazy because they have long assumed that the Argus is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party.

I went on to ask what was the big deal as the Argus actually didn’t review the book and instead asked a Republican government professor to do it for them? Well anyway commenters over at SDWC are throwing a party and God help any liberal that tries to inject some sanity (emphasis mine).

Leave it Todd Epp to smear Professor Lerseth, whoever he is. Nothing could be more predictable. If the review had been critical, Epp would have said “see, I told you the book sucked!” Since the review is positive, Epp says “the reviewer is a right-wing hack!” This is oh so predictable. Epp, who is supposely a “lawyer,” apparently doesn’t have anything intelligent to say about this book, which isn’t too surprising.

You really got to like a guy that will blindly stand up from someone they have never heard of while ripping someone’s comments about that person. And comments like that go on and on.

Todd, I know you and PP are bud’s but why do you even bother posting comments on SDWC, every time you do you get ripped unmercifully, you have to realize by now that you just can’t win over there?

So now the Argus has given the handful of Republican’s out there that were in a lather a full on woody by farming off a review of a little known book (outside of the blogosphere) that praises Thune and rips the state’s largest paper. What exactly has this accomplished? The Argus still hasn’t reviewed the book as the last time I checked Lerseth worked at Augustana, and now Beck and Co. won’t have to deal with the constant criticism over not reviewing it. Sounds more like the Argus comes out Ok on this to me.

But at least the little bit of exposure the book got by appearing in the paper might push it to number 1 in South Dakota beating out the ever popular books about the James River and Deadwood so it ain’t all bad. Oops, I guess not as when the review appeared on Saturday, the book was #2 and now 2 days later it has fallen to #15, so much for the power of the Argus.

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