GOP Bloggers Rejoice

The hated liberally biased Argus Leader has finally printed their impartial review of the all time best selling book (tongue fully in cheek) Daschle Vs. Thune: Anatomy of a High-Plains Senate Race by South Dakota Thune blogger Jon Lauck.

Overall, Lauck’s book provides a worthwhile discussion of the 2004 race, the role of local media and the importance of alternative media sources. While his partisanship has to be considered as part of any evaluation of his depiction of events, he does raise valid concerns about the need to critically evaluate traditional media on similar grounds.

Read Augustana College assistant professor of government Dr. Brent Lerseth’s full review.

By the way, in response to commenter poly43 on the Argus forum who responds to this review in between ripping our fine South Dakota blogs by incorrectly listing the book as being rated #13 on Amazon for local books in South Dakota. It is in fact way up there at #2 as of this posting just behind an all time popular book about the James River and just ahead of a book about Deadwood and Wild Bill Hickock.

UPDATE: As an aside, what is the big deal? Those in the GOP blogosphere were ripping the Argus for not reviewing it and in theory they still haven’t because they had someone not associated with the paper doing it. Is the act of printing an outside review good enough? Apparently so

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