Doing Your Part For The Environment

Anyone of my generation probably remembers the old console TV’s, you know the big 25 inch sets encased in wood (or some reasonable facsimile) that sat on your floor. Nowadays, everything is made of plastic that if not recycled, ends up filling our landfills. If you have a wish to go back to those good old days or want something a bit more environmentally friendly, A Swedish manufacturer called Swedx might have the answer. They have numerous products that have eliminated a majority of the plastic used in consumer electronics products and replaced it with wood.

The technological development is rushing forward, sometimes at the expense of environment. Nowadays caring about the environment is a central priority. SWEDX aims towards a better environment and makes its products 100 % recyclable cabinets in factories with environmentally friendly certificates.

Not only do they make TV’s from 17-46 inches, they also sell PC monitors, mice, and keyboards all made with wood with more products on the way. Unfortunately though it appears that they only have outlets in Europe and the Middle East so those of us in the West might have to wait to get our solid oak wall mounted flat screen.

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