Pictures Tell The Story?

I often monitor what some of the more popular right wing blogs are talking about as I have many of their feeds in my RSS reader. Over time one thing sort of caught my eye so I thought I would dig a little deeper and sure enough my suspicions seemed correct. The percieved front runner, and therefore the most wrote about and hated Democrat by those on the right can be determined just by searching the images used by the right wing bloggers as witnessed by the images above and below.

Furthering that theory, do an image search on Google for the presidential candidates and the number of unflattering images seems to be directly proportional to their spot in the polls. Just check out Hillary and you will see several very unflattering snapshots as well as numerous creative photoshop edits using her image while similar searches of other candidates finds mostly very presidential photos and portraits. Looking at the Hillary pictures is it any wonder why she gets the reputation as being bitchy which was re-enforced recently by the flap with John McCain and the question about Hillary Clinton’s character?

So what does this mean in the overall scheme of things? Probably not much but it does bring back memories of 2004. Anyone remember this?

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