Just Ignore It, It Will Go Away Sooner Or Later

Apparently that is what some think our legislature should do this session in regards to education. KELO has a story about some tenative plans for the upcoming session which includes a comment from Democratic Senator Sandy Jerstad whom would actually like to look at funding our education system.

Democratic Senator Sandy Jerstad is hopeful the education lawsuit brought on by parents and their children will move education to the front of the line when it comes to deciding who gets more money this legislative session

“I’m hoping that we can strike a deal right away,” Jerstad says.

Jerstad says since the funding formula was put in place over a decade ago, schools continue to lose money. Last year a senate bill that would have given school districts a 4.3% annual increase in funding failed. Jerstad says if that bill would have passed a funding lawsuit may have never existed.

“I do believe that if the districts knew that they were going to receive the bill that we did last year I think they would cancel their lawsuit,” she says.

Now having our legislature actually address school funding instead of putting a year to year band aid on it might seem to be a good idea to most, but apparently not everyone thinks it should be addressed and instead believes our legislators should just continue to ignore it.

Sioux Falls Democratic Senator Sandy Jerstad exhibits something intestinal, because it isn’t fortitude this morning on KELOland, as she points out how in her view legislators need to strike a deal right away on education this session because of the pending lawsuit against the state.

Regardless of the fact that one court has basically said that school funding is up to the legislature, the Attorney General believes such lawsuits to be without merit, AND the legislature traditionally shies away from matters that are set to be heard in a court of law

Pretty interesting logic there, instead of addressing a problem that many parents and educators felt needed addressed to the point they were compelled to sue the state, our legislators should instead ignore it (as usual) because it will be decided in the courts. Oh and while they ignore issues being addressed in the courts they instead will likely work a bill that would put our state into court when they again look at attempting to ban abortions.

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