The Edwards Promises

John Edwards has just announced his “Plan To Build One America” (pdf warning) which maps out what he would like to accomplish during his Presidency if elected. Within the 80 page e-book, Edwards discusses some of his proposals to:

– End the War in Iraq: We should immediately withdraw 40,000 to 50,000 combat troops and bring home the rest within nine to ten months. We also need a “diplomatic surge” to engage all nations in the region in reaching a political solution in Iraq.

– Guarantee Universal Health Care: This is a moral issue. I will stand up to the big drug and insurance companies and guarantee health care for every American, while cutting costs and improving care. My plan costs $90 billion to $120 billion. To pay for it, I will repeal the Bush tax cuts for families above $200,000 a year to pay for it.

– Support Middle Class Families: I will raise the minimum wage, strengthen workers’ rights to organize and reject bad renewable energy and strengthen rural schools. I will stand up for family farms with country of origin labeling, antitrust enforcement, a ban on packer ownership and a moratorium on building or expanding concentrated animal feeding operations.

– Support Middle Class Families: I will raise the minimum wage, strengthen workers’ rights to organize and reject bad trade deals. I will help families save, cut taxes for middle class families, protect pensions and lift millions out of poverty.

– Teach Our Children: We must end No Child Left Behind’s punitive approach and restore a comprehensive curriculum. I support universal early childhood education, smaller classes and better teacher pay. My College for Everyone plan will make college affordable for every student willing to work part-time.

– Achieve Energy Independence and Fight Global Warming: The crisis of global warming demands action today. I will cap and reduce greenhouse gases by 80 percent by 2050, as scientists say is necessary, and invest in innovation and renewable energy to create new jobs that cannot be sent overseas.

This was just released but I am sure the right-wing spin machine is already gearing up. Some of the highlights that will surely catch their eye include Edwards’ health care plan that not only would require health care for everyone but would pay for it by repealing tax cuts for the rich (ouch, double whammy). Edwards would also work towards reducing global warming by mandating that greenhouse gases generated by business be reduced by 80%. (another double whammy). And finally of interest to us here in the Midwest, Edwards wants to expand the bio-fuels industry by requiring that oil companies install bio-fuel pumps at a minimum of 25 percent of their stations, require that automakers produce nothing but flex fuel vehicles, and would require that 25 percent of our electricity be generated with renewable energy. (though were would we grow all this bio material?)

There is a lot more listed in his "book" so I would recommend that you read through it if you are interested in what Edwards stands for. But to be honest some of his proposals are nothing more than pipe dreams like eliminating poverty while the majority of his more reasonable plans would never make it through Congress because they fly in the face of big business which would surely buy all the support they need to ensure none of these plans ever make it out of Congress.

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