More On Lowering The Drinking Age

Apparently the talk of lowering the drinking age that started West River with Rapid City’s Bill Napoli has now migrated East River to of all places Flandreau. N. Bob Pesall, a lawyer from the town best known for their casino, thinks that 19 year olds should be allowed to imbibe 3.2 beer and is starting a campaign that could lead to getting that on the ballot in 2008.

Pesall said he and several other people, whom he declined to identify, believe the drinking age should be 19. On behalf of the group, Pesall drafted a proposal that was submitted to the Legislative Research Council for review. But Pesall is not yet sure if he’ll help launch a petition campaign.

The measure could make the 2008 general election ballot if 16,776 signatures are collected by April 1. It would allow 19 and 20 year olds to buy low-point beer. They could be served in bars only if those businesses do not sell liquor or have separate areas for consumption of beer by those younger than 21.

So now a lawyer wants to put alcohol into a teenagers hands, what’s the matter not enough ambulances to chase so you have to look to drum up more business?

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