Google: The Left Wing Shill Company

Having owned and run web sites of various types for almost 4 years, my love/hate relationship with Google is directly related to how much traffic they would send me, the more they send, the more I like them and visa versa. But who would have thought that Larry Page and Sergey Brin actually started Google to forward their left wing agenda?

According to one of the right-wing’s versions of Media Matters, that’s exactly what they have been doing by not commemorating Veterans Day (up until yesterday) and Memorial Day by decorating their logo.

Having ignored Veterans Day since 1999, Internet behemoth Google has finally chosen to commemorate this holiday by decorating its logo (h/t NB reader Brian Snyder).

As NewsBusters readers are aware, this has been a source of contention for conservatives that believe Google at times uses its emblem to make political statements.

Who would have thought that a company that follows the conservative business model to a tee by making money hand over fist, often to the detriment of the little guy, is actually a left wing front? Again I must say, it must be rough always believing that someone is out to get you…

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