How's That Free Market Thing Working For You Now?

Awhile back Hillary Clinton discussed her thoughts on what she would do with health care if she won the White House and seconds later she was pummeled by the right whom buckle in fear when a democrat talks health care. In their minds it will surely lead to socialized medicine which everybody knows is a bad thing right?

While they run from the democratic plans, they continue to tout the current free market system for heath insurance as the only way to go because it is just working so well up to now. Just ask those that can’t get it and those that get dropped because they are too expensive, often in the middle of possibly life saving procedures.

Woodland Hills-based Health Net Inc. avoided paying $35.5 million in medical expenses by rescinding about 1,600 policies between 2000 and 2006. During that period, it paid its senior analyst in charge of cancellations more than $20,000 in bonuses based in part on her meeting or exceeding annual targets for revoking policies, documents disclosed Thursday showed.

The revelation that the health plan had cancellation goals and bonuses comes amid a storm of controversy over the industry-wide but long-hidden practice of rescinding coverage after expensive medical treatments have been authorized.

Ok so I see how the free market works for heath insurance, don’t get sick and pay ever increasing premiums and if you do get sick, forget about insurance at all while the insurance companies pay huge bonuses to the employees that cancel the most policies. The GOP free market at system work…

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