Politics And Labels, Sometimes They Just Fit

I sometimes go overboard with labels when discussing politics as do many other bloggers. Terms like nutroots, secular humanists, and in my case wingnuts get used all too often. But then something I read re-affirms my willingness to use labels because they just fit and to be honest allow me to not say the word or words that actually come to mind.

The issue of the day for the “wingnut nation” of the far right is the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) which seeks to grant protections in the workplace against discrimination of gay men, lesbians and bisexuals. It passed the House yesterday 235-184 and the wingnuts are coming out of the woodwork in opposition and you know why? Because it puts the religious freedom for Christian employees and business owners is in jeopardy!

Of course the head homophobe in the White House will more than likely veto this legislation if it ever makes it that far and they have no where near the votes needed to override it, but to be honest I’m still trying to figure out how discriminating against someone’s sexual orientation would put a business owner’s religious freedom at risk? To put icing on the hate cake, a commenter at the link above really puts the mentality of these homophobes into perspective. A person named Kermit wrote a comment in response to another commenter that actually thought this bill was a good step.

kerwin Says:
November 8th, 2007 at 1:43 am


Why not? Homosexuals are a huge health care cost and thus raise the bill for everyone else. That is extremely unfair to those who choose not to live a homosexual lifestyle. But I suppose you are unfair.

What??? Sounds like Fred Phelps and his “the problems in the world are caused by Gays” church has another member.

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