Our Reps Sure Want To Throw Wasted Tax Dollars To Brookings Lately

Yesterday I wrote how Senator John Thune wants to send $1M in tax dollars a year to allow 3 passengers a day to fly out of Brookings and this morning I see that Senator Tim Johnson is looking to waste some of our tax dollars as well. Apparently not wanting to be outdone by his Republican counterpart, Johnson is looking to send another $1M to Brookings when he quietly sponsored a $1M earmark to a federal appropriations bill that would be used to help fund the Tom Daschle Center on the SDSU campus.

A massive federal appropriations bill that includes a $1 million earmark to create a center for former Sen. Tom Daschle drew heavy fire Tuesday in Washington, D.C.

The earmark would pay for the Thomas Daschle Center for Public Service and Representative Democracy at South Dakota State University. It’s among 150 pages of earmarks in a combined bill for education, health services, veterans programs, and other areas of federal government.

The legislation is more than 850 pages and emerged Monday night out of a joint House/Senate conference committee. Within those pages is more than $215 billion of discretionary spending.

Although the bill emerged Monday night, House Democrats pressed ahead Tuesday night to force a vote. That outraged fiscal conservatives, who argue the bill is overloaded with pork.

150 pages of earmarks and $215B in discretionary spending? So much for reform.

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