At Least He Is Consistent

Pork and earmarks seem to be the buzzwords of the day on the heels of the Tim Johnson sponsored $1M earmark for the Daschle Center for Public Service and Representative Democracy (what a name, how much of the $1M is for the building sign?) at SDSU. When talking pork and politics you seem to get a lot of doublespeak and hypocrisy and our Reps aren’t immune.

First Badlands Blue calls out John Thune’s criticism of earmarks in the wake of this bill considering his support of the Robert Dole Institute of Politics just a few years ago at the University of Kansas.

Gee, that’s interesting, because I could have sworn John Thune was in the House of Representatives for the Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics at the University of Kansas and the name change from Washington National to Reagan National airport by bill S. 1575, which passed in the House by voice vote on February 5, 1998. John Thune supported both pieces of legislation. It is especially noteworthy that Thune voted yes for the Conference Report of the FY 1999 appropriations bill, which included the late edition earmark for the Dole Institute.

Then PP over at the SDWC calls out our lone Congress person Stephanie Herseth Sandlin who when running for office spoke out against earmarks but is now happy to let us know she supports this $1M waste of money.

“She is very supportive of the project, which will enhance the educational experience for our state’s students and improve the course offerings of one of our state’s premier universities,” Levsen said. “As a South Dakota State graduate, it’s fitting that Sen. Daschle’s papers be archived in Brookings.”

So what is missing from a listing of hypocrisy over this latest piece of pork? How about any mention of hypocrisy aimed at the South Dakota Senator who was responsible for sneaking the earmark into the appropriations bill in the first place. A little digging on my part has yet to find anyone calling him out on it because apparently he has no problem with the tactic of throwing earmarks into spending bills. In fact he has even been given special mention as having a perfect record on pork by voting against all 10 amendments he was present for that sought to reign in this wasteful practice.

The only senator receiving a 0% was Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD) who voted against all 10 anti-pork amendments he was present for.

If anything, it appears no one can say that Senator Johnson has flip flopped on this issue…

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