Monday Morning Quick Hits

Work will be taking up most of my time this week so here are just a few quick items for you to browse through while I slave away in Sioux Falls and Watertown for the next few days.

Denise Ross discusses over at the Hog House blog what Tom Daschle has been up to lately including his work with Barack Obama while finishing up his new book. I wonder if Dave Kranz or anyone else on the Argus editorial staff will feel the need to review this book when it comes out or will they look for an independent reviewer?

Perry Groten from KELO TV apparently found enough people willing to admit that they are Atheists in very conservative South Dakota after his call last month. Again these folks tell of how Christians like to say they will pray for them and how they get the I am sorry for you comments. From my post last month on this.

Would an Atheist care if:

– Someone prayed for them and their soul?
– They were told they were going to hell?
– People felt sorry for them because they can have no hope for the afterlife?
– Were called immoral because they didn’t believe that the 10 Commandments existed?
Finally, I haven’t talked much lately about Apple and their iPhone but it is becoming even more apparent that I am not alone in condemning their marketing strategy of choosing an exclusive cell provider (that doesn’t even have a presence in South Dakota among many other issues). It seems they are employing the same strategy across the pond which is not only enraging many Brits but is also getting under the skin of die hard Apple supporters. Apple lovers normally never utter a bad word against the almighty Apple and normally defend anything they do (sort of like your typical Ron Paul supporter) but are now getting a bit wary of Apple’s new make as much money as possible at the expense of their customers attitude.
By the way Mr. Jobs, check out my new MP3 player, I got the brown one…

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