If You're In The Pierre Area…

You might want to stay indoors for a few days.

Vice President Dick Cheney is back in Central South Dakota today – and as always, he is hunting birds, not votes.

Cheney arrived aboard Air Force 2, which landed, coming in from the south, at about 10:58 a.m. at the Pierre Regional Airport. He is making his annual pheasant hunting trip to Central South Dakota, where he stays at a private hunting resort in the Gettysburg area.

About a dozen aides and military personnel exited the plane from the rear before Cheney came out of the front passenger door, down the stairs and into a black suburban. He did not wave.

A 12-vehicle caravan that included law enforcement vehicles, an ambulance and suburbans left the airport through a north gate.

Cheney has gone pheasant hunting in Central South Dakota all seven years that he has been vice president. He is expected to stay in the area for a few days.

I had received notice last week from a displaced South Dakotan staying at a hotel in Pierre that something was going on in our fine capitol, now we know what it is.

In related news, I am sure hunters don’t like it when their prey fights back.

A deer gored a man Sunday afternoon while he was hunting with a friend in between Craig and Meeker.

A spokesperson for the Division of Wildlife says the hunter shot the deer and went to get it. When he approached it, the deer jumped up, charged the man and gored him.

The man’s friend drove him to a hospital. He was later airlifted to St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction.

The man’s name and condition have not been released.

Wildlife officials say they haven’t seen something like this happen in at least four years.

They remind hunters to be careful because injured animals can be dangerous.

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