When Political Pressure Backfires. Plain Dealer Blogger Update

Just a quick follow up on the Cleveland Plain Dealer blogging project from yesterday. The Plain Dealer (yes Cory, from the home of your favorite candidate Dennis Kucinich) originally had hired 4 bloggers with varying political views to write unedited posts about Ohio politics similar to what I and 7 others are doing with KELO. One of the bloggers, Jeff Coryell, drew fire from one of Ohio’s more powerful Congressman, Steve LaTourette, whom Coryell had written unfavorably about during the 2006 elections.

Once LaTourette discovered Coryell’s affiliation with the Plain Dealer blog he promptly pressured them to let him go which they finally did yesterday. Unfortunately for the Plain Dealer the saga didn’t end with Coryell’s firing, soon after the announcement the remaining democratic blogger resigned and now it looks like the project itself will be going down in flames with rare bi-partisan condemnation aimed at the newspaper.

And lest you think that LaTourette is getting a free pass, you can bet that Ohio liberal bloggers won’t be letting my former fellow Ohioans forget about this event anytime soon and they are now led by an even more focused Jeff Coryell. His campaign against LaTourette has already begun in earnest only unfortunately for LaTourette, it is now bigger than just one lone blogger writing a few posts a week on a Cleveland newspaper blog. (heck even my small time South Dakota blog is mentioning it)

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