That Explains Everything

Awhile back I wrote about one of the almost daily top 10 lists that people throw out there, in this case it was from the conservative front group Family Security Matters and it listed what they believed to be the 10 most dangerous organizations in America. Surprisingly, to me at least, the group listed our colleges and universities as the 2nd most dangerous in the country. South Dakota Politics today links to an article that tells us exactly why our colleges are so dangerous.

“The University of Iowa’s history department and Duke’s history department have a couple of things in common. Both have made national news because neither has a Republican faculty member. And both rejected the application of Mark Moyar, a highly qualified historian and a Republican, for a faculty appointment.”

Who knew there was a box on the job application that asked for an applicants political affiliation? No wonder many on the outer fringes of the political spectrum are always so uptight, it must be really tough to believe that everyone is constantly conspiring against you…Just ask Ron Paul supporters (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

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