Ron Paul Supporters Strike Again

The Ron Paul Army is striking again. Last week I mentioned how his supporters had gotten themselves banned from the very popular conservative blog for stuffing comments and polls and now Wired Magazine is reporting on an email spam campaign that is being carried out using a global network of hacked computers in support of the Republican candidate.

“This is clearly a criminal act in support of a campaign, which has been committed with or without their knowledge,” says Gary Warner, the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s director of research in computer forensics. “The question is, will we see more and more of this, or will this bring shame to the campaigns and will they make clear that this is not a form of acceptable behavior by their supporters?” Warner pointed to provisions of the federal Can-Spam Act.

Now to be fair, Ron Paul’s campaign is denying any knowledge of this and I am sure he doesn’t know of or condone this tactic but how long can someone continue to be considered a serious candidate when the vast majority of stories about them has to do with the craziness of their supporters?

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