A Little Light Sunday Reading

Updated Below with new allegations (I use that term lightly).

As another “Lauckless” week goes by which included a weekend book signing in Sioux Falls, and as those on the right continue to go into to overload like a pack of wild dogs over the Argus Leader’s snubbing of the truly non-partisan (tongue firmly in cheek) South Dakota political book Daschle V. Thune, it’s business as usual at the Argus Leader. This weekend the Argus Leader editorial board turns their attention to the real issues facing South Dakotans, slogans on t-shirts and whether the newspaper should have mentioned them.

Last week Argus columnist Peter Harriman wrote a story about a popular hunting stop in Winner that included mention of a t-shirt with a certain slogan that could be taken a few different ways. The logo contained the phrase “I got my cock cleaned at Kooch’s” where Kooch’s happened to be the name of a pheasant cleaning business and ever since the paper has been getting slammed with letters and comments bashing them for printing such comments in such a “high class” paper

“I had no idea you had sixth graders working for you,” observed Spencer T. Kittelson. “The Argus Leader has reached a new high in low class.”


Betty Wagner characterized the word play as “disgusting” and “unbelievable.”

The Argus’ decision to mention the slogan with an obvious double meaning can surely be questioned, I personally found it quite funny but then again I was a sailor and everyone knows about us. But the fact that editor Randell Beck felt the need to devote a whole column to the story because of the outrage it caused could be carried over to the Jon Lauck book review snub controversy, or at least what some in the blogosphere consider a controversy.

The Argus does what it can to ensure it maintains readers and to this point the paper has pretty much ignored the “furor” other than a few mentions on their blog and a puff piece in their Life section which seems to tell me that they at least believe that their readers don’t really care.

Bloggers on the other hand have a clear bias, those that read blogs normally migrate to the one’s that write with the same slanted view that they have. I wonder if you get outside the few thousand South Dakotans that frequent the fine blogs in our state if the rest of the population even knows about Lauck’s book and if they do, do they really care? Readers of Sibby or the SDWC will notice whether or not the Argus reviews the book because they already have a preconception of the events in the book, tie that to the percieved left wing bias of the Argus and voila, instant controversy.

Lauck spent his days during that fateful election ripping the Argus and Dave Kranz and that fact alone makes the silence from the Argus a controversy of blogospheric proportions. Does the Argus care? It is apparent they don’t and if you ask the average South Dakotan you will probably discover that they don’t care either. At least though it does give us bloggers something to write about in the down time between real political stories.

UPDATE: Ok this is good, well known “investigative blogger” (as long as it is in WorldNetDaily and can be cut and pasted into his blog) Sibby has sources that are telling him that the Argus’ Dave Kranz twice contacted Barnes and Noble and requested they not carry Lauck’s book. Somehow I think that even the National Enquirer would have a hard time going to press with Sibby’s anonymous sources and they had no problem going with the now debunked Edward’s affair story.

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