Think Twice Before Sending Your Kids To College

Thats the message being touted by the conservative front group Family Security Matters. According to their recently released list of the 10 Most Dangerous Organizations in America, our colleges and universities are the 2nd most dangerous organizations in our country only beat out by that horrific group working for media standards and fairness, Media Matters for America.

2) Universities and Colleges

Anyone familiar with my column at Family Security Matters knows my thoughts on the Left’s stranglehold on American colleges and universities. Unfortunately, many professors use the various organizations on this list as a part of their curriculum, often selectively ignoring facts that don’t support their far-Left agenda.

Other’s making the grade (or missing it depending on your perspective) include:

10. ThinkProgress
9. Muslim Student Association
8. CodePINK
7. American Civil Liberties Union, National
6. Family Research Council
5. Center for American Progress
4. League of the South

I guess it’s time to scrap my college funds and start looking at trade schools for my kids…

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