Another No Kidding Headline

The recently re-designed Rapid City Journal has another in a growing number of no kidding headlines from an AP story yesterday:

Rounds: Pheasant hunt not hurt by controversy

Now one should probably be asking themselves how exactly would this super secret South Dakota “good ole boys get together” hosted by our governor be hurt? Yes the Argus Leader fought to have the names released but once the State Supreme Court said that the names of those attending didn’t have to be released you would think that it would have actually helped the hunt. Attendee’s worried about staying anonymous now have a court order saying they can, which if anything would likely bring more business leaders that never planned on moving here but saying they are just to get a nice pheasant hunting vacation. Now they can come without fear of being exposed.

Even though attendee names are considered “Top Secret”, it sure would be interesting to find out a few statistics from past hunts. I know some of this has been mentioned at different times when a new business moves to the area but has the total number of businesses that actually moved to South Dakota as a result of our governor sponsored networking “hunt” ever been released? How about how many people have attended these hunts? If we don’t have the “clearance” to know the attendee’s, we should at least know how successful they are, it is an official work product of a state agency after all which by some accounts, other than that of our State Supreme Court, would fall under a requirement for open government…

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