Light Posting And Some Name Dropping

Work has been keeping me on the run with not much rest in sight but I thought I drive by with a few name drops on my way out. I have been working almost constantly at Sioux Falls Regional Airport the past few days which in between digging into a sick machine has allowed a few minutes of people watching during our states second biggest tourist week.

Pheasant hunting season always seems to attract some well known people to our state, Dick Cheney normally comes to Pierre each November to get his lawyer, oops I mean pheasant hunting in and today I saw someone that hasn’t been in the news in awhile hopping on a flight out of town. Oliver North of Iran Contra fame was quietly finishing up his hunt, no word on how many birds the former Lieutenant Colonel bagged, and soon after, our junior Senator, John Thune, was getting out of town after his publicized hunt this past weekend.

And speaking of Pheasant season opener, where else in the days of heightened airline security can you see almost every passenger walking around carrying a gun case along with tables and booths selling ammunition in the lobby of your local airport. Only in South Dakota…

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