Plan B For The GOP Presidential Candidates?

Has the threat by Religious Right leader James Dobson to have his flock vote “none of the above” if the likes of pro-choice Rudy Giuliani wins the nomination opened some eyes among the GOP Presidential candidates? Just last month the likes of Giuliani, Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney, and John McCain had no problem skipping the Value Voters debate in Florida but now all of a sudden they are jumping all over themselves to impress the same crowd at the Value Voters summit in Washington DC.

One might ask what has changed all of a sudden to make attending this summit a high priority. Could it be that some polls are now showing that as many as 27% of likely GOP voters could follow Dobson to a 3rd party almost assuring a Democratic president has made pandering to the religious right good again? The brown nosing has already started.

Republican presidential hopeful John McCain’s argument to woo restive religious and social conservatives comes down to this: “I have a record that can be trusted.” GOP rival Mitt Romney’s goes like this: “I am pro-family on every level, from personal to political.”

Margaret Cho chimes in with her comedic view on the religious right and those that pander to them. (humor warning, not for those without a sense of humor or that are easily offended)

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