One Born Every Minute

The old adage that states there is a sucker born every minute is again proven true as Betty Casey, a noted philanthropist and supporter of the arts, paid $2.1 million for the so called “historic” Limbaugh smear letter (hopefully tax deductible). The letter was sent from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and 41 of his Democratic colleagues to Limbaugh’s employers over at Clear Channel Communications asking that they force Limbaugh to apologize for his “phony soldiers” comments.

Limbaugh of course had to get his publicity out of the charitable auction and in this case he called on Reid and his cohorts to match the winning bid which was earmarked for the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation though I doubt many of them could afford the $2.1 million each that would have been required. Not to be outdone on the publicity stunt front, Reid staged one of his own when he went in front of the Senate and urged his colleagues to bid on Limbaugh’s “historical document“.

So again the war dodging blowhard gets his followers all riled up and in the process Rush and Harry Reid get more publicity and Betty Casey gets a couple of pieces of paper worth barely more than the the Charmin I used this morning. Sounds like another successful Limbaugh stunt, at least this time the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation gets to come along for the ride.

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