It's All Good With Gore

Al Gore has taken a lot of heat in his political career, you know that terrible campaign he ran in 2000 that resulted in him pretty much giving the election to George Bush (though the Supreme Court had a little to do with that as well) and that whole inventing the internet thing but he is making up for it in spades now. The announcement Friday that he won the Nobel Peace Prize is the culmination of his second career that also includes an Emmy, an Oscar, and now best of all, totally driving the right-wing batty!

Since Gore left the political arena after losing in 2000, he has dedicated his efforts towards something that many conservatives love to hate, global warming and mankind’s possible involvement in the phenomenon. No matter what the majority of scientists say, many right-wingers will find one study or one scientist that disagrees and will use that as a reason for debunking the whole theory. Someone comes out with another study showing an effect of global warming and soon thereafter they are under attack by the right as being a liberal shill or worse. Enter Al Gore and his latest mission.

Used to being the brunt of controversy and jokes for years, Gore persevered. His documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” was immediately panned by the right, almost as quickly as a Michael Moore film which in of itself is an accomplishment. First they attacked the science behind the movie then they just attacked Gore. Despite the constant criticism, the documentary won an Oscar and ended up earning millions at the box office. Fast forward 2 years and Gore can now put another feather in his cap, as a right-wing lightening rod, oh and that Nobel Peace Prize thing as well.

It is definitely debatable as to whether what Gore has been doing for these past few years should qualify him for consideration, let alone being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. That debate started 30 seconds after the announcement and right-wing talk shows and blogs have been panning the choice and pretty much taking away any of the prestige that they award ever held in their eyes ever since. But whether you believe that Gore’s crusade deserved being awarded a peace prize or not, the fact that many right-wingers are now blowing a gasket because someone gave credence to Gore’s mission makes the announcement just that much more sweet and keeps the problem of global warming front and center. Thanks Al and keep it up…

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