Calling All Atheists

My new KELO blogging colleague Cory Heidelberger over at the Madville Times kind of stole my thunder on a post I was working on in regards to KELO reporter Perry Groten’s request for Atheists to email him for a story he is considering. So for more information and Cory’s take on it I would recommend you go read his post but what I find funny in between the truly hateful comments by some on the forum aimed at an admitted Atheist posting in that thread is why would an Atheist care if:

– Someone prayed for them and their soul?
– They were told they were going to hell?
– People felt sorry for them because they can have no hope for the afterlife?
– Were called immoral because they didn’t believe that the 10 Commandments existed?

Apparently a person’s religious beliefs don’t necessarily have an effect on one’s ignorance toward other beliefs, or lack thereof, just ask the person on that forum thread that keeps pointing to Bible passages in an effort to prove to an Atheist that God must exist.

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