Who Has Had A Better 7 Years?

When George Bush was given the 2000 Presidential election over Al Gore despite a lack of the popular vote, who would have thought how different the 2 players lives would have been since.

George Bush, who is finishing up his 2nd 4 years in the White House has been quite busy since 2000. Other than the obvious of winning a second term, Bush has gotten our country involved in a war based on lies that we can’t seem to get out of, authorized the eavesdropping on US citizens without warrants, and put the torture of suspects back into our interrogation repertoire among many other “accomplishments“.

Gore on the other hand might have a hard time competing with that. In the 7 years since he had the election taken from him all he has done with his time is fight to save the environment, win an Emmy, an Oscar, and just this morning it was announced that he has won the Nobel Peace Prize.

So who do you think has done more for America in the past 7 years?

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