KELO Goes Youtube And The Abortion Issue is Back

The video revolution has hit KELO TV with the ability now for bloggers to place clips from their newscasts on our site. I’m not sure how long this feature has been available but KELO Political Blog handler Jeremy Moser gave us the heads up about it yesterday.

So to christen KELO video here I thought I would put up the story from yesterday regarding the petition floating around South Dakota from the South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families that also has Sibby in a lather. The petition seeks to tell our legislators that we have had enough in regards to the abortion ban and that it’s time for them to focus on other issues and is in response to rumors that a new ban bill may again be introduced during the upcoming legislative session.

Before you watch I should warn those that have a weak stomach that abstinence nut Leslie Unruh makes an appearance near the end so be prepared.

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