Just Shut Up!

Ann Coulter, Please Shut Up!Taking a line from ESPN’s “Mike and Mike in the Morning” I have to say that TV “Talking Heads” have no one to blame but themselves when they invite diarrhea mouth Ann Coulter on their show. The latest to be offended by Coulter, other than 90% of the country that thinks she is a waste of human flesh, is CNBC’s Donny Deutsch.

Coulter, whom is in the midst of her latest “get mindless conservatives to buy my book where I again rip liberals with outlandish slurs” book tour, appeared on Deutsch’s show “The Big Idea” and proceeded to offend another in a growing group of people when she said that Jews need to be “perfected into Christians”.

Appearing on “The Big Idea” with host Donny Deutsch on Monday, she said Christians were tolerant of racial diversity but that it “would be a lot easier” for Jews if they were to become Christians.

Of course Deutsch, who is a self described practicing Jew, is now feigning offense.

Deutsch, who described himself as a practicing Jew on the show, was clearly dismayed by the remarks, which he called “hateful” and “antisemitic,” according to a transcript published on the Web by Editor and Publisher.

Given Coulter’s penchant for hate speech, what did Deutsch expect? During her previous “get mindless conservatives to buy my book where I again rip liberals with outlandish slurs” book tour Coulter appeared on Deutsch’s show and said that former President Bill Clinton showed “some level of latent homosexuality” so it’s not like he shouldn’t have expected it. But then again I am sure he is eating up the publicity he is now getting and herein lies the problem.

Coulter, who has nothing to offer humanity, knows that the only way she can get people to buy her waste of paper is to be outspoken and generate headlines. It isn’t a new tactic for her and everybody knows it. These headlines sell her books and generate ratings for those that allow her to waste bandwidth, so acting offended when Coulter does what everybody knows she is going to do just doesn’t hold water. Deutsch got exactly what he bargained for when he gave her a platform to spew and if those in the media don’t like it all they have to do is stop putting her in a position to do it.

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