Not Good For A Presidential Candidate

From the National Enquirer so it must be true department.

The supermarket tabloid is reporting that John Edwards has been having an affair with a former campaign worker and has the emails to prove it…supposedly.

A source close to the woman, whose name is being withheld by The NATIONAL ENQUIRER, says that she confessed to having an affair in phone calls and emails, saying that her work with Edwards soon exploded into romance. The shocking allegation — if proven true — could devastate the Democratic hopeful’s campaign, especially because John’s devoted wife Elizabeth is locked in a desperate battle with breast cancer.

“The affair started about 18 months ago,” a friend says the woman confessed to her. “When they met at a bar, sparks flew immediately.

An Edwards spokesman is denying this story and considering the source you should take it with a grain of salt but if true you can bet that Edwards, whom has often employed his cancer stricken wife to help in his campaign, is in deep deep trouble.

More to come for sure especially if this woman is from outer space and is pregnant with Edwards’ illegitimate alien baby.

UPDATE: Apparently Ann Coulter has latched onto this as well during her “get mindless conservatives to buy my book where I again rip liberals with outlandish slurs” media tour so I would imagine that this story will have some legs for awhile even considering the one and only source and the so far lack of reporting on the issue in the MSM.

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