Letters From The Edge

The war dodging chickenhawk Rush Limbaugh really brings out the best in his listeners. Brandon Friedman from VoteVets.org has a nice sampling of the email his organization has received from the Limbaugh faithful after they called him out on his “phony soldiers” comments. I particularly like this one:


i am a patriot. i listen to Rush Limbaugh every single day. and i know who you people are. you are traitors. you do not support this country. you do NOT support the troops nor the mission. most Americans see you for who you are. you are traitors. you have stood against America every step of the way and WE stand against you. you are partisan hacks and traitors. enjoy the reputation you so rightly deserve.

Gee a group made up of Iraq and Afghan war vets are unpatriotic? I am sure that hurts coming from someone who wants everyone to know that they have religiously listened to a man who managed to wiggle his way out of serving because of a cyst for a whole 15 years! For some more compassionate conservative love check out some of the other letters from the Dittoheads.

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