The Argus Responds

Patrick Lalley from the Argus Leader Voices blog gives his reasons as to why no one from the Argus including himself, Kranz, etc. has reviewed the Lauck book “Daschle V. Thune – Anatomy of a High-Plains Senate Race” .

There’s a few reasons why Jon’s book hasn’t been publicized in the paper as of yet. First of all, some of us, including me, David Kranz and other Argus Leader folks, are in the book. I have a copy, signed and personalized by Mr. Lauck by the way, but I haven’t read the whole thing. So I can’t say for certain, but I’m fairly confident that most other media outlets don’t have the issue that we have.

It would be unethical — and probably not fair to Jon — if I or Kranz or anybody involved in the coverage of that campaign were to write about the book. Given that attacking this newspaper specifically — and many days me personally — was part of Thune campaign manager Dick Wadham’s strategy, it’s questionable whether we should write about the book at all.

Let me just say that again, WE ARE IN THE BOOK. That’s the key issue. I’ve told Jon this.

There you have it, and in case you missed it somehow, they’re in the book…

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