The Campaign That Never Ends

Each day I keep hoping that the final vote on the abortion ban last fall would put that issue to rest, at least for a little while. Unfortunately a failed attempt to resurrect the ban during last winter’s legislative session, threats to bring it up again next January, and the state’s continued attempts to get Roger Hunt to disclose his super secret $750,000 donor have kept this issue in the news.

On the Roger Hunt anonymous donor front, the August court decision that Hunt’s funneling of money from a secret donor through a sham company was legal put some closure on at least that issue, or so we had hoped. Yesterday Secretary of State Chris Nelson and Attorney General Larry Long announced that they were appealing the case to the State Supreme Court because for one thing, they believe that Hunt broke campaign finance laws. Laws that aren’t for the most part even on the books anymore by the way.

Now putting aside the fact that the Circuit Court didn’t agree and that the legislature changed the laws in question because of this case pretty much admitting that Hunt found and exploited a loophole in a poorly written law, what is the state’s reasoning for continuing to spend tax payer dollars on what is now appearing as more of a personal crusade against Hunt? What Hunt did isn’t right by the thinking of most that believe our elections should be open and honest nor is it legal anymore. The donor while still anonymous spent $750K and lost, Hunt is loosing what little credibility he had among all but the most radical right-wingers as witnessed by his poorly attended so-called support rally in front of the Argus Leader (headlined by Queen Wingnut Leslie Unruh), and our laws will now hopefully prevent this from happening again in the future. Should the anonymous donor be named? Of course, but when will enough be enough?

Apparently for Long and Nelson, not just yet…

UPDATE 10/7: Todd Epp believes that Long and Nelson’s waste of tax dollars is a good thing and has awarded them his “Best Week Ever” recipients for this week. I wonder if Todd will be able to score one of his favorite blog post subjects Shawn Cable to host his awards ceremony, I hear his latest gig over at isn’t going so well.

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