The Ultimate ChickenHawk

The right loves Rush Limbaugh, every word he says is the gospel for many and watch out for the wrath of those blind followers when anyone has anything whatsoever bad to say about the guy. Enter the latest Limbaugh controversy, his “phony soldier[s]” comments that have gotten him into a verbal war with a veterans group, Media Matters for America and several members in Congress.

My RSS reader is full of posts of those defending Rush and either trying to explain why he said it or outright denying that he ever did. But either way, the question needs to be asked why is someone that never served a day in his life and who was able to avoid the draft and hence not have to serve in our last unpopular war because of a completely correctable pilonidal cyst even commenting on the patriotism of someone that had the guts to serve voluntarily? If anything Rush would qualify as a “phony” more than anyone that ever volunteered to protect his right to be the drug addicted obnoxious blowhard he is.

Maybe in the future it would be more appropriate for Rush to actually have a quality before he decides to call out someone for supposedly not having it?

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