Funding Without Strings Part 2

Funding The War PollNot only are the Democrats not keeping the promises that put them in office, they are also ignoring the views of their constituents. The latest Washington Post/ABC News poll shows that 69% think that Congress should at least reduce the money spent in Iraq and to more heavily challenge the president over Iraq.

Part of the displeasure with Congress stems from the stalemate between Democrats and the White House over Iraq policy. Most Americans do not believe Congress has gone far enough in opposing the war, with liberal Democrats especially critical of their party’s failure to force the president into a significant change in policy.

Note to Democrats: Pandering to your base only continues to work if you promote their agenda. Breaking promises can get you thrown out of office just as quickly as making them got you there in the first place and yes I do realize that you don’t have the votes to get a lot accomplished. But I also know you are in a position to prevent some things from happening including the ability to stop giving the president a blank check for Iraq which you have so far decided not to use.

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