Another Empty Resolution In The Works

On the heels of last week’s useless resolution condemning the New York Times ad ripping General Petraeus, Rep. Mark Udall from Colorado is supposedly introducing a similar useless resolution on Monday looking to officially condemn Rush Limbaugh’s phony soldiers comments from earlier this week. As with the MoveOn resolution, the Udall version is totally meaningless and a waste of time but it will be interesting on one front to see if Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, whom had no problem voting to condemn MoveOn’s right to free speech, will be as willing to do the same to Republican mouthpiece and never ending blow hard, Rush Limbaugh.

I will be just as curious to see if Tim Johnson does the same if and when a Limbaugh condemnation makes its way into the Senate. He like Herseth Sandlin didn’t think MoveOn should be allowed to voice their opinion in the New York Times and was one of 22 Democrats voting to condemn the ad.

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