No Surprise Here

I had posted a few days ago about how a request had been made to the Federal Government to investigate South Dakota’s purchase of an airplane indirectly using federal funds earmarked for other uses. This request was made by Minnesota Representative Jim Oberstar to the Amtrak Inspector General whom presented the funds to states not served by Amtrak.

So imagine my total lack of surprise when the Argus Leader editorial board came out in support of the investigation.

It is increasingly clear that the state’s actions were not in line with the prescribed purpose for which the money was allotted. Whether those actions also violated the letter of the terms is less clear. This investigation should determine precisely that, once and for all.
Oberstar’s request seems reasonable. He said he thinks the money was misspent, and his committee assignment obligates him to act on that belief. If states do not or cannot use federal funds as intended – and South Dakota has little intercity bus and rail service – the money should be returned.

Wow, perenial Rounds hater, the Argus Leader coming out in support of an investigation of the purchase of the state airplane that they fought so hard to burn him on over the way he used it last year. Who would have thunk it?

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