Everyone Is An Expert All Of A Sudden

One bleeped sentence at the Emmy’s and now all of a sudden everyone is an expert.

If mothers ruled the, ruled the world, there would be no “bleep” [god-damned] wars in the first place

Sally Field, whom hasn’t been in the news this much since she paired with Burt Reynolds in “Smokey and The Bandit”, is now a favorite whipping post of Right whom all of a sudden are Sally Field experts.

She’s the mom who buys her teenager beer, condoms and a hotel room on prom night because she’d rather give in than assert her parental authority and do battle. She’s the mom whose minivan sports insipid bumper stickers preaching nonintervention at all costs: “Peace is patriotic.” “War is not the answer.” “It will be a great day when our schools get all the money they need and the Air Force has to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber.”

I am pretty sure that Field could care less about what Faux News shill Michelle Malkin thinks, though I doubt Malkin could provide any proof on any of her comments regarding what Field stands for parenting wise but then maybe advice columnist Dr. Helen Smith knows more.

Sally Field and her ilk don’t really mean they want just any mom or woman to run the world, what she really meant when she talked about moms taking over is that leftist women should run the world. Notice that the women who are always talking about how great and different things would be if women were in charge never mention real women leaders like Condi Rice or Margaret Thatcher because they are conservatives. Unlike some leftist women who think that their sex puts them beyond the human traits of aggressiveness and violence, Rice and Thatcher understand that the realities of national security mean that negotiation and “making nice” with the schoolyard bully does not always work.

So which colleges teach those classes, you know the ones that teach you to read one sentence from an individual and then be able to know how good of a parent they are or what they really mean. It that BS 101 or BS 102 and can I sign up for that one at SDSU?

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