Please Don't Petrae [Us]

The General that has already been called out for not being entirely honest when reporting on the still not-ready-for prime time Iraq security forces when he was in charge of their training is now having to be defended by the person that put him in the line of fire in the first place. President Bush is unhappy over an unflattering ad by published last week that ripped General Petraeus for blindly following the Bush party line by using cherry picked examples to proclaim how the surge was working. The man tasked with leading our troops in battle is now in a political battle as well thanks to his boss President Bush to the point that Bush’s GOP cronies are having to come to his rescue with a totally non-binding waste of time resolution condemning the ad.

Besides being a debate that parallels numerous others that the Republicans had loudly complained about in the past as being “wasted time on empty debates“, the fact that 22 Democrats voted for this resolution condemning the ad including our Democratic Senator Tim Johnson truly amazes me (no surprise, John Thune also voted for this resolution). Based on the time wasted on this today you would think that they have nothing else to do in the Senate like oh maybe approve more time away from the war zone for our troops.

By the way Senator Clinton saw through the politics (why shouldn’t she, she has been on the other end many times) and voted against this time waster. Her main opponent in the race for the White House on the other hand, Barack Obama, wimped out and skipped the vote altogether though just a hour earlier he found time to vote for a Democrat sponsored version of this waste of time resolution that was defeated.

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