Do You Really Want To Impress People?

One final post on Monday’s Values Voters debate. I have been reading the various reports on the event in Florida where the 4 top-tiered candidates supposedly had “prior commitments”. Apparently a lot of the media had similar scheduling issues as did the values voters themselves because 1/3 of the 2700 available seats went unused.

The Carpetbagger Report documented some of the highlights including Rudy Giuliani’s scheduling difficulties which had him down the street at the time of the debate.

Rudy Giuliani was surprisingly bold in snubbing the religious right organizers. His campaign cited scheduling difficulties when declining to attend the debate in South Florida, but according to his campaign schedule, he was four miles away, attending an event in Fort Lauderdale at the same time as the event. The religious right hasn’t been thrilled with Giuliani anyway, but this looks like an instance in which the former mayor was trying to offend them.

Finally we get this bold prediction from Religious Righty leader Janet Folger.

I predict that the candidates who chose not to attend will regret the decision to snub us because they will not win without us.

The Religious Right has steered the GOP for years and the top tiered candidates not attending the debate could be an indication of a change in that. Janet Folger thinks otherwise and believes they still are a force in the party despite all the snubs so now we will see how much clout they still actually hold. If one of the “second 7” do actually win the nomination, I will truly be impressed and that question will be answered in spades.

But if we want to get back to reality while still staying with the biblical theme that the religious right understands the best, the chances of that happening are about as good as the proverbial snowball existing in hell and hopefully the powers that be South Dakota GOP that insist on trying to legislate the far right’s morality on us are paying close attention to this trend as well.

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