Morality Police

Abstinence Clearinghouse founder Leslie Unruh must have a twin out there, at least among the morality police based on the latest Argus Leader Voices letter from Linda Schauer. I must have been living a charmed life lately as I hadn’t heard from her or her group the Concerned Women for America of South Dakota for awhile. Well the silence is over after coming across this fine opinion piece on Idaho Senator Larry Craig and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

First she makes the leap that the outrage over Larry Craig’s bathroom escapades at Minneapolis International means that morality still matters in America.

The nation’s outrage over the conduct of Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) in a men’s restroom at the Minneapolis airport demonstrates that morality matters to the American people. Americans do not tolerate immoral sexual behavior, and that stance should be upheld in our laws.

Our current morality beliefs aside, I am not sure what moral outrage she is talking about as from what I can tell, most of the outrage has to do with Craig pleading guilty to a crime while still a sitting US Congressman. The only reason homosexuality was even highlighted had to do with the fact that Craig had been an outspoken “family values” advocate before getting popped for trying to play footsie in a bathroom stall with a male undercover cop, you know that hypocrisy thing that is sometimes a problem with the morals brigade.

She then tries to equate the outrage that really isn’t outrage as a reason why the Employment Non-Discrimination Act should be killed in Congress.

Businesses should have the same ability to expect high moral standards from their employees that the critics are applying to Craig. However, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, a bill currently before Congress, would forbid businesses from discriminating against an employee based on “sexual orientation” or “gender identity.”

Then as an encore she closes with this:

If the Employment Non-Discrimination Act becomes law of the land, it will give minority status to people based on their chosen sexual behavior and put us on a slippery slope where Biblically based decisions would be prohibited.

I don’t know why the South Dakota GOP has yet to recruit her for some higher office, or at least why she isn’t a co-blogger over at Sibby’s place. Her opinions especially about the separation of church and state seems to fit right in.

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