GOP Savior

I had written a few days ago about the lack of choices for the religious right in the GOP. Apparently that isn’t a problem anymore as their savior has filed paperwork to officially throw his hat into the 2008 Presidential ring.

2 time (soon to be 3) Presidential campaign loser Alan Keyes (WorldNetDaily link warning to the easily influenced) is now going to bring values to the Presidential campaign trail unlike the Mormon, divorced abortion rights supporter, and former actor that doesn’t regularly attend church that currently are running at the top of the polls.

After two previous runs for U.S. president, former Reagan diplomat Alan Keyes has announced he’s again seeking the White House in the 2008 election, and he’ll take part in Monday night’s Republican presidential debate here.

If you are the Mormon, or the divorced abortion rights supporter, or the former actor you are probably shaking in your boots…then again maybe not.

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