A Bad Week For The Far Right

Right-wing conservative groups might have to re-think their strategy for eradicating the “secular humanist” influences in our Government. Or at least they are going to have to acknowledge that they have a long way to go after the week they have had.

First locally, South Dakota GOP darling and much rumored 2008 US Senate contender Governor Mike Rounds held a press conference supporting of all things, 150 new jobs coming to Sioux Falls as part of expansion over at Lodgenet. Unfortunately for the Rounds camp, past supporters from the South Dakota Family Policy Council weren’t too happy with the governor’s appearance with Lodgenet because of their profiting from providing adult entertainment to many of the hotels they serve, you know that 1st Amendment thing is such a downer for some on the far-right.

The latest blow to the conservative right nationally is the revelation by current GOP Presidential favorite and supposed conservative right savior Fred Thompson. Apparently Thompson isn’t the good little church going conservative that many in the GOP had thought/hoped.

Asked about his religious beliefs during an appearance before about 500 Republicans in South Carolina yesterday, Fred Thompson said he attends church when he visits his mother in Tennessee but does not belong to a church or attend regularly at his home in McLean, Va., just outside Washington. The actor and former senator, who was baptized in the Church of Christ, said he gained his values from “sitting around the kitchen table” and said he did not plan to speak about his religious beliefs on the stump. “I know that I’m right with God and the people I love,” he said, according to Bloomberg News Service. It’s “just the way I am not to talk about some of these things.”

That loud thumping sound you heard was from the jaws of tens of thousands of far-righties hitting the floor all at once when they realized what they have for front runners in the 2008 race for the White House. A Mormon, a divorced abortion rights supporter, and a former actor that doesn’t regularly attend church and isn’t going to bring religion with him on the campaign trail. So is there a plan “B”?

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