Crying Wolf

If you are having a hard time getting legislation past Democrats that would bypass the Constitution what do you do? If you’re the Bush administration you come out with a heightened terror warning and shame them into giving you your way.

Bush told the nation in his weekly radio address on July 28 that “America is in a heightened threat environment,” and “our national security depends on” passage of his version of the wiretap bill.

At about the same time, Senate Minority Whip Trent Lott, R-Miss., shared that he had been warned that “disaster could be on our doorstep.” He said people should leave Washington until today, Sept. 12, to be safe.

The Democrats, nervous that any domestic attack would be blamed on their failure to let the president ignore the Constitution, predictably caved. At least temporarily, they handed Bush the power to intercept Americans’ international communications without court oversight, swatting away the explicit protections of the Fourth Amendment like an annoying gnat.

And you know, it is a dirty trick that the Administration uses every time they want a terror related bill passed but to be honest, Democrats should have known better. A bad law is a bad law no matter what the terror threat and this was a terrible law. The government can now spy on American citizens without warrants and we can thank the Democrats and their lack of a spine for that.

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