When Is The Announcement Of More Jobs Bad News?

“Lodgenet is growing, and the far right is crowing” would also be a suitable title as the Sioux Falls based Lodgenet is adding up to 150 jobs to their Sioux Falls operation over the next 2 years. On the surface this sounds like good news for our local economy, and it is unless of course you are a far right conservative.

You see, besides providing cable television and internet content to thousands of hotels worldwide, Lodgenet also provides pay per view adult content to many of these same properties. What happens when you mention adult content? The far righties start coming out of the woodwork to re-iterate their view on why this type of entertainment is bad. The latest of these groups, Citizens for Community Values and South Dakota Family Policy Council held a press conference just last month in an attempt to get the Justice Department to investigate Lodgenet and in turn to tell us what is obscene based on their narrow interpretation.

So it was no surprise that this latest announcement of Lodgenet’s expansion has already attracted the ire of the far right.

It’s true that you can choose whether to watch the pornographic channels or not. But then, you can choose whether to do drugs or not…but we punish the dealers much harder than the buyer–perhaps we view it negatively when someone sells something harmful to another person?

Taking out the fact in the above argument that what Lodgenet is doing is currently legal while buying or selling drugs isn’t, I am sure you get the idea of the heat Lodgenet has been dealing with and what is coming their way after this latest announcement.

To that end I have often wondered whether many of those that are complaining about Lodgenet’s adult content have ever stayed at a hotel that the company serves? I have had that opportunity numerous times because of the travel required for my job and to be honest, the fact that they offer adult content is the last thing that comes to mind for me. Hotels with Lodgenet almost always have the worst offering of basic cable channels out there with some I have stayed at only offering 20-25 channels. And yes I know that they likely do this to try and get you to buy their pay per view content but I am not paying $10.99 or more for a first or second run movie I can rent at Blockbuster for $2.99 at a later time.

So unless you are a far-right conservative that thinks v-neck sweaters are inappropriate, I would think that the bigger problem with Lodgenet is more the amount of content the properties they partner with offer versus the type. For me it is to the point where all things being equal, I would normally choose a hotel without Lodgenet just for the better selection of channels.

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