iPhone Will Just Be A Rumor Here

The next coolest thing in the gadget world makes it’s debut on Friday and if your itching to get one, good luck. Is it because the lines will be long and the quantities short? Nope, you will not see the iPhone in South Dakota because Apple has an exclusive deal with AT&T and even this long into the cell phone revolution, they have no presence in our fine state.

4 years ago the company I work for sent me my company cell phone, doing field service it is a necessity, and wouldn’t you know it they had a contract with AT&T to provide our cell service and because of that it had a St Louis number and was constantly roaming. Isn’t it nice to know that things haven’t changed in the 4 years since. AT&T didn’t care about South Dakota then, and they don’t now as we are still one of only few states that aren’t served by the old Ma Bell.

Iphone DebutSo if you want the next cool thing, you’ll have to drive to one of our bordering states and then plan on forgetting about the phone portion of the iPhone as they have little coverage here or wait until the exclusive agreement between Apple and AT&T expires so other carriers can use the phone. In other words, maybe you should instead just drive to Best Buy and buy an Ipod, it’s a lot cheaper and you’ll get about the same amount of functionality.

UPDATE: Now that the iPhone has hit the market, you can get software tools that can help you get the most out of your new toy. I have compiled a list of some of those tools here that will allow you to get more content including DVD’s and tv shows to your new phone.

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